Burmese, myanma bhasa, is a member of the Tibeto-Burmese sub-branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family. It is spoken by the vast majority of Myanmar’s population (formerly Burma). It is also spoken in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, and the United States. The world’s Burmese-speaking population is estimated to be slightly more than 32 million people (Ethnologue).

Burmese have had contact with speakers of other languages throughout history, including Pali and Mon, the first groups to occupy Burma in the 12th-13th centuries, and later with European languages such as Portuguese, Dutch, English, and French in the 16th-19th centuries. These languages have all influenced the spoken form of Burmese, but not the written form. As a result, modern colloquial Burmese differs markedly from the formal written form of the language used in textbooks, formal writing, newspapers, fiction, and expository prose. Many Pali words and syntactic structures that are no longer found in spoken Pali are preserved in the written language.


Privacy Policy
We care a lot about the privacy of our Eternalworld’s visitors.
Eternalworld is committed to keeping your information private. If we ask you to give us information that can be used to find out who you are when you use this website, you can be sure that it will only be used in ways that are described in this privacy statement.

On the next page, you can read about how Eternalworld collects and uses private information about its users. Since Eternalworld cares about its members’ and users’ privacy, we will never give out any personal information about anyone who logs on to Eternalworld. This includes your name, e-mail address, and where you work. When you log on to Eternalworld, things like your IP address and hostname are written down for security and applied math reasons.


A cookie is a very small file that is put on your computer when you go to Eternalworld (and most alternative websites). This file is your ID card. It clearly belongs to you, and only the server that gave it to you can look through it. Cookies let us know when you visit a certain page on Eternalworld and help us keep track of your preferences and shopping habits. The main thing that cookies do is help our server remember who you are.

Privacy of Children

Even so, Eternalworld might find it more valuable to keep some personal information, like a child’s email address, so that the child can’t sign up again on our website. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) went into effect in April 2000. As a result, websites all over the Internet had to change their rules so that they could not get any information from a child.

Getting the word out

Eternalworld could store and share personal information when allowed or required by law or when we think it’s a good idea. This means that we might be able to make disclosures that are needed to meet legal and regulatory requirements or processes and to protect Eternalworld’s rights, safety, and property, as well as the public’s.


At Eternalworld, we use technology like coding, access management procedures, firewalls, and physical security to keep personal information like passwords safe. We usually recommend that you use a unique username with both letters and numbers to protect your account on Eternalworld and other sites that are connected to it. If other people, like family, friends, or housemates, use your login information to access and use the message board, you are responsible for what that person does. Only in the worst cases can your account be shut down for good.

Other people

Third-party websites may collect information about Eternalworld users. This information can include your IP address, hostname, and information about your system, which helps us serve you better. These are only used for applied mathematics and can’t be used for anything else. If you want to know more about this practice and what you can do if you don’t want these companies to use this information, click here.

http://www.networkadvertising.org/managing/opt out.asp.

Policy Changes on Website

Eternalworld has the right to change this policy and any others on our website at any time without telling our users. Send us any comments, questions, or problems you have with this policy or the other policy at policy at Eternalworld.

Opt-Out and Third Parties

Third parties could show you ads based on your interests in apps or websites, track your use of apps or websites over time and across apps that aren’t related to each other. For advertising purposes, these third parties could combine information from websites or apps on your current browser or device with information from your other browsers or devices. To opt out of this kind of interest-based advertising and/or cross-device targeting, please follow the steps below for each of your browsers and each of your devices:

Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) – https://optout.networkadvertising.org/

Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) – http://www.aboutads.info/choices/

Digital Advertising Alliance Canada (DAAC) – http://youradchoices.ca/choices

Digital Advertising Alliance EU (EDAA) – http://www.youronlinechoices.com

Please keep in mind that if you opt out of interest-based advertising and cross-device targeting, you will still get online ads. It means that the third party from which you opted out of receiving interest-based advertising or cross-device targeting by using the above methods can no longer send you ads that are tailored to your internet preferences and how you use a certain app or device.