Author of my own Destiny Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Author Furik, Winterleaf
Artist Jeokbal
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Author of my own Destiny

Synopsis Author of my own Destiny

I inhabited the body of “Fiona,” the last villain whose brutal death at the hands of the world’s hero condemned her soul to eternal agony. Simply because she was an illegitimate child, she was tortured by her own family. I was therefore sent to war at the age of thirteen after arriving six years before the novel’s opening! Fortunately, Fiona was a brilliant mage despite being the main antagonist of the tale. To survive the monster invasion was necessary. But I couldn’t be in the thick of battle right now. I came across the teenage male lead just before I ran out of breath. … How come he’s here? The world will end if the male lead perishes in this scene. Save him, then.

Chapter Author of my own Destiny


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